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Angel Investors

Kronos Capital's Angel Investment Fund is is a uniquely different type of angel investor fund and network. We employ an extensive entrepreneurial approach to angel investing which creat... more »

Venture Capital

Venture Capital... more »

Asset Based Lending

At Kronos Capital we fully recognize and believe in the value and potential of our client's products. That's why we provide asset based lending. Asset based lending essentially is ... more »

Purchase Order Finance

All business are different whether small, medium or large. Equally, each business has different liquidity needs. In many cases, our clients might have various customer orders and need capit... more »

Inventory Finance

Kronos Capital will finance inventory as a percentage of a larger accounts receivable, purchase order or factoring facility. Eligible inventory is financed using advance rates that are based... more »

Liquidity Solutions

Every business has its own unique and demanding liquidity needs. Kronos Capital quickly responds and adapts to those needs with a full range of working capital liquidity solutions ultimately... more »

Factoring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

<h2>1) What is factoring?</h2> Factoring is the sale of a client's invoices and accounts receivable at a slight discount in return for immediate cash. <h2>2) Ho... more »


Kronos Capital factoring facilities reduce cash flow friction by providing clients with the much needed capital they need to operate their business, pay them employees and suppliers, and, mo... more »

Factoring Accounts Receivable, Small Business Invoice Lending

Kronos Capital factoring accounts receivable and small business invoice lending opportunities. Kronos Capital private commercial lending platform is backed by selected limited partner capita... more »