With a growing world population it is imperative to meet global energy demand in the cleanest and safest way possible

We prize intellectual capital as a driving force in creating economic value.

Kronos Capital's energy interest is in both alternative energy as well as conventional energy.

Alternative Energy

Solar, wind, hydrogen and biodiesel are a few of the alternative sectors entertained by Kronos Capital. We partner with innovative businesses looking to create clean, viable energy solutions. We know that there are better ways to harness energy than oil and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to accomplish such an endeavor. Alternative energy is a tremendous passion for Kronos Capital and we take investments in this sector with increasing optimism and determination.

Conventional Energy

Until alternative energy can meet worldwide demand, other more conventional methods such as oil, gas and coal will have to suffice. With such a reality, Kronos Capital recognizes the need to develop businesses built around the conventional energy model. Oil and gas mining are among our most common energy developments.

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