Broker Referral Info

Kronos Capital encourages professionals and qualified third party financial intermediaries refer potential transactions to the Kronos Capital platform.

We believe the ability to deliver long term performance is the true measure of our success.

We welcome all referers and affiliates, including lawyers, accountants, community or regional bankers, accountants, business consultants and independent brokers. In return, Kronos Capital offers competitive compensation to our referral and affiliate partners for the life of the account with Kronos Capital as well as the ability to participate in funding select accounts brought on by the referral partner. This participation allows referral and affiliate partners to build a receivables financing or factoring portfolio of their own while Kronos Capital handles the servicing and operational aspect of the transaction. Kronos Capital values its referral and affiliate partner network and is committed to being the premiercommercial finance platform in the industry.

There are several advantages of referring a transaction to Kronos Capital:

  • Based on our streamlined corporate structure, Kronos Capital can deliver quick and easy approval decisions.
  • Full on-line access to balances and account information is available to our clients.
  • A user friendly and streamlined boarding and documentation process.
  • Attractive advance rates that are in line with each client's unique business.
  • The ability to originate internationally, with offices in California and Northern NJ.
  • Kronos Capital is a DIRECT finance company and factor; we make all funding and credit and decisions in-house.
  • Competitive commission rates with the ability for referral and affiliate partners to participate in funding.
  • Referral partners can collect lucrative residual monthly compensation throughout the life of the transaction(s).

For more information on becoming a referral or affiliate partner for Kronos Capital, please contact us.