Asset Based Lending

At Kronos Capital we fully recognize and believe in the value and potential of our client's products. That's why we provide asset based lending.

We believe the ability to deliver long term performance is the true measure of our success.

Asset based lending essentially is financing transactions secured by inventory and accounts receivable. In every instance, Kronos Capital will work with our clients to determine and assess the value of the inventory and/or accounts receivables. We then make a appropriate loan based upon that value.

  • Asset-based lending transactions generally have one or two-year terms, and showcase an interest rate that floats with the Prime Rate.
  • Prior to funding, Kronos Capital will work closely with the client to examine its inventory and/or accounts receivables in order to determine which of these assets are eligible to lend against and which are not. Next, we will advance a pre-determined percentage of the selected eligible assets' current market value in the form of a borrowing base.
  • When lending against the value of accounts receivables or inventory, Kronos Capital will conduct detailed due diligence and underwriting of a client and its inventory and/or accounts receivables.