Angel Investors

Kronos Capital's Angel Investment Fund is is a uniquely different type of angel investor fund and network. We employ an extensive entrepreneurial approach to angel investing which creates a win-win result with selected portfolio companies.

We prize intellectual capital as a driving force in creating economic value.

Our experience has taught us that entrepreneurs need much more than just funding. Entrepreneurs need training, coaching, relationships and other extensive resources which will significantly increase their chances for short and long term success. While the Kronos Capital Angel Investment Fund is geared towards early stage investment, we understand that entrepreneurs need a supporting network when getting started with their business. If they are well educated in how they position their company business model and strategy, their company will be a better investment for our members. This will reduce our financial risk and increase the company's prospect for the future. Hard work in introducing prospective customers to team members, partners and investors will result in success. We believe in an entrepreneurship approach to angel or early stage investing which creates teams built for success.

The majority of our members are experienced corporate executives or serial entrepreneurs that have been highly successful in numerous business ventures. Our seasoned team performs extensive due diligence to find, underwrite and invest in early stage companies. We have experience in maximizing our investments throughout the full life of our portfolio of companies and we feverishly work hard to spread our experience and knowledge with our partners and entrepreneurs that we are invested in.

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